Wealth Management

Providing you with personalized wealth management solutions from experienced and trusted professionals to help you live a life free from financial stress.

With a minimum of 5 million pesos, you can have  your portfolio managed by professionals.

At ATRAM Wealth, we go beyond advisory.

How We Can Help You​

ATRAM Wealth is a business of ATRAM Trust Corporation, that provides professional Wealth Management services. If you are an investor who has built a sufficiently sized amount for investing and would like to preserve or continue to grow your wealth while managing the risks, ATRAM Wealth can do that for you.

Wealth management services

Investors can benefit from the independent, researched and analyzed decisions of experienced portfolio managers who actively watch, move and anticipate market movements in order to achieve the medium to long term goals of investors.

Reach us and let us know if you are interested in:

Growing your wealth

Preparing for retirement

Preparing to preserve and transfer your wealth to the next generation

Preparing for further education of your children

Receiving regular income from your investments

Making your investments perform positively more consistently through a risk-managed approach

Together with your Wealth Manager, we will:

Portfolio Offerings


With a wide range of both local and global funds, we provide portfolios that would best fit the investor’s financial goals and risk tolerance.

Capital Preservation

If you are looking to preserve capital and invest in more conservative funds, our Fixed Income Portfolio is here for you. 

Capital Growth

If you are looking to gain access to global and local equity and fixed income funds for potentially higher growth, our Global Multi-Asset Portfolios could be the solution you need.

We Go Beyond Advisory

While others can simply provide advice on how to manage investments, we go beyond advisory. 

At ATRAM Wealth, trust that the strategy we design has your intentions and your life in mind. #TakeOnTomorrow with us!

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