To protect the personal and account information of our clients, ATRAM employs extensive physical, electronic, and procedural security controls, regularly adapting them as technology and threats evolve. Listed below are just a few of the measures we take

Online Account Inquiry

An investor’s valid User Code and I-Pin allows encrypted and secure access to his/her account.

Customer Access to Account Information

Whenever an investor contacts ATRAM whether in our office or by phone or email, we verify his/her identity before granting access to his/her account.

Timed Log-Off automatically logs you off after an extended period of inactivity. This reduces the risk that others could access your information from your unattended computer.


To block unauthorized access, all our computer systems are protected by firewalls and electronic barriers that prevent unauthorized access to our networks.


ATRAM employs some of the strongest methods of encryption commercially available. All online activity involving personal or sensitive information is encrypted from the point it leaves your computer until it enters our systems. For your general online security, be sure the letter “s” appears after the syntax “http” at the beginning of the URL address before entering any sensitive information, indicating the site is secure (e.g., Another sign that a website is secure is a padlock icon shown in the security indicator/section of your browser.